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The crucial care unit or medical aid unit (ICU) may be a extremely specialised & dedicated unit of the hospital for patients requiring intensive observation of medical, surgical & patient care services. the first goal of crucial care services is to produce right care at the proper moment by a committed CCU & ER team

Conditions that need crucial care monitoring:

Instability with hypertension/hypotension

  • Heart failure, pathology and viscus arrhythmias
  • Stroke and disfunction
  • Airway or metabolic process compromised patients UN agency need improvement support
  • Acute kidney failure
  • Cumulative effects of multiple organ failure
  • Major Trauma/Injuries: Head, Multiple fractures
  • Shock and Severe hurt
  • Sepsis & uncontrolled infections

Advanced technology facilities ar crucial to the delivery of prime quality crucial Care

  • An knowledge base team of doctors, nurses, technicians and different workers UN agency verify the clinical excellence within the overall treatment of critically unwell patients.
  • Multidisciplinary approach to patient care encompassing all specialities.
  • A ready active 24*7 ER team with motorcar at the side of complete data and talent of emergency protocols in 1stdisposal of patients like code blue procedures, sorting and hands on expertise in delivering correct medical treatment through basic life support instrumentality.
  • The crucial Care options progressive medical instrumentality, as well as a computerised observation system and patient cubicles.
  • Infection bar practices to minimise the chance of infections in crucial Care.
  • Advanced drug treatment regimens and latest drug administration techniques.

We ar there whenever life matters the foremost

  • NHRC hospital understands that health problems will strike at any moment and need emergency care
  • With this thought in mind, we’ve got our specialised crucial care team & unit offered 24x7x365 days
  • Keep the heading on the proper hand facet as 24×7 emergency helpline
  • Match the format of the location of the heading across all pages
  • At times it becomes imperative to necessitate emergency medical service because the 1st line of help to requirecare of the first necessities for you or your wanted ones.
  • As a part of corroboratory services for medical aid, we’ve got created an avid Emergency facilitate line that you simply will appeal to handle your considerations and provides United States of America the medical details.
  • A dedicated hospital personnel can orient the provision of motorcar services to help in transporting the patient for any management at our hospital. All data on hospital care procedures and anxious doctors will be created offered.

Critical Care on Wheels

Critical care services need prompt management ANd care at the purpose of an emergency. As a part of our protocol we’ve got our motorcar service:

  • We have a completely equipped motorcar with Ventilators, Defibrillators, twelve hours element bank, Multi-channel observation system with cardiogram, Pulse Oxymeter & syringe pump able to handle any medical emergency
  • To support and deliver the most effective quality of care our advanced life network, manned by well-trained doctors & nurses capable of resuscitating unstable patients

Critical Care is our backbone within the management of crucial care patients

  • NHRC Hospital has been recognised for its productive management of assorted cases that neededspecialised medical experience, dedicated care, life support and continuous observation
  • We have been productive in treating infectious diseases like dengue fever, malaria, pneumonia, metabolic processfailure, renal disorder and multi organ diseases
  • Our hospital expertises in viscus, neurology, tend management of nonspecific gastro viscus bleeds that needintensive management right from the primary go once a patient is brought within the hospital.

Clinical Acumen

Critical Care at its best:

  • Clinical Acumen and acknowledged medical experience team of super specialist doctors and interventionists is that the highlight of our crucial Care care.
  • Our aim is to deliver economical crucial care all told medical protocols making a dynamic & world category crucialcare unit
  • We have a trained and seasoned team of doctors that dedicate themselves to manage all medical emergencies like coronary failure, brain stroke (paralysis), all reasonably accident injury and GI bleed.
  • Our crucial care team experience in their interventions, best medical practices; medicine protocols guaranteetreatment and aim to bring forth an entire cure for crucial care patients.
  • Our team has AN economical work time on its unhealthy treatment choices for various diseases ,which has been recognised by
  • NABH certification, emphasising the very fact however quality delivery of care and safety of the patient plays such a necessary role at NHRC Hospitals

Quality medical care

  • At NHRC Hospital we tend to ar aware of the importance of medical care
  • Nursing services play a necessary role in managing patients within the crucial care unit
  • To provide quality care and dedicated services, the patient nursing magnitude relation of 1:1 in viscus crucial Care and 2:1 in MICU is followed at NHRC Hospitals
  • Our nurses ar trained specifically in managing critically unwell patients, maintaining infection managementpractices, guaranteeing patient safety and following set treatment protocols determined by the intensivists, which might vary from patient to patient.